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English Page for Russian-challenged

Ranma 1/2: Russia tastes the forbidden fruit of Japanese culture...This site is dedicated to Japanese mass culture, namely anime and manga, and to Japan itself. It was made with a help of R.An.Ma - Russian Anime and Manga Association, the first and the biggest otaku club in Russia. The main goal of our joint efforts is to bring Japanese mass culture to Russia and to unite all concerned anime/manga/J-POP fans. If you are interested in the history of R.An.Ma, read this page.

All anime/manga/Japan information on this site was collected and translated from various English and Japanese sites throughout the Web. Therefore we have no intention to make the English version of "Anime and Manga in Russia". If you are interested in information available here, you could always find it using AniPike and AltaVista.

Special note to copyright holders

You could find something copyrighted by you here, mostly pictures and photos. In that case contact me, the webmaster, to resolve the problem. But we are not intended to remove something from our site without any decent proof of your ownership.

Then again, "Anime and Manga in Russia" is one of the few Russian anime/manga sites in the Web. It is visited by all Russian otaku. This is a rare chance for you to make a free advertisement of your skills among the concerned Russian Federation citizens. Do not miss your chance! ^_^

Sincerely Yours, Boris Ivanov,
Webmaster of "Anime and Manga in Russia"