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Zero Effect

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Zero Effect : There is a really interesting and different feature on Warner’s release of “Zero Effect”. The disc contains a commentary track with director Jake Kasdan and listening to it can actually pay five dollars to a charity! Here’s how it works. Jake doesn’t...

You've Got Mail

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

You've Got Mail:  Warner Home Video's release of the romantic 'You've Got Mail,' starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan contains a few hidden features that appear to be DVD-ROM content, but are also accessible on standard DVD players. While viewing the HBO documentary on t...

Yellow Submarine

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Yellow Submarine:  MGM Home Entertainment's release of the animated Beatles classic is loaded with hidden features. 14 or so come to mind immediately, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more to be found. Go to the disc's main menu and press the arrow up key. A ...

Wrongfully Accused

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Wrongfully Accused :  Warner Home Video’s release of “Wrongfully Accused” contains a trivia game, but interestingly, it also the solution to this game hidden on the disc. From the disc’s main menu select “About The film” and then go to “Cast”. Now press the arrow up key ...

Wizard Of Oz, The

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Wizard Of Oz, The:  On Warner Home Video's special edition re-release of 'The Wizard Of Oz' you can find some interesting hidden features. In the 'Oz Characters' section off the special features menu, go to the first page of Glinda's info. Select the glowing orb above...

Wiz, The

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Wiz, The: Universal Home Video's release of the musical film 'The Wiz', starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson contains a great Easter Egg. If you go to the disc's main menu and then to the 'Monus Materials' you will find a menu entry for a featurette. It t...


Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Wishmaster:  Live Entertainment have hidden an interesting feature on their “Wishmaster” DVD. Go to the “Scene Selections” and then to any of the Chapter stops submenu. Now wait and don’t touch anything on your remote control. After about 20 seconds you will hea...

Wing Commander

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Wing Commander:  Did you know there is a hidden feature on 20th Century Fox Home Video’s release of “Wing Commander?” Here’s how you find it. Bring up the disc’s main menu and the simply press the right arrow key on your remote control to highlight the radar screen...

Wild Wild West

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

Wild Wild West:  Although Warner Home Video has stuffed quite a bit of content on their release of 'Wild Wild West', there even more than the eye meets at first. Many of the clips used in the DVD-ROM section of the disc can be directly accessed through the remote c...

What Dreams May Come

Автор: Anna
Дата:  23.04.2001

What Dreams May Come:  Polygram’s release of “What Dreams May Come” contains an interesting trick. Go to the disc’s “Special Features” submenu from the main menu, click the arrow up key until the menu title is highlighted. If you press “Enter” now, you will get back to th...

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